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The Best Winning Themes of the HubSpot Themes Challenge 2021

Fernanda Álvarez

One of the most difficult decisions when creating a website in HubSpot is which theme to choose, so I bring you the best themes from the HubSpot Themes Challenge 2021, so you can take them as a reference and see which of them could work for your company. 

How launch your website in 28 days with Ocean Pro and HubSpot CMS

Bernardo Salazar

In today's post I am  going to show you how you can launch your website in 28 days or 4 weeks with Ocean Pro and HubSpot CMS.

So whether you are looking to purchase HubSpot's CMS to build your website or want to redesign your website, this guide is for you.

28 days may seem like a long or short time, depending on each one perspective, but to make it clear how the process works, I am going to explain in detail and guide you from the beginning, so... go ahead!

Media Source - Inbound Agency Hailed by Clutch as a Top 2022 B2B Service Provider in Mexico

Fernanda Álvarez

At Media Source - Inbound Agency, we value our partners’ time and ideas. We specialize in delivering inbound marketing solutions that drive sales to your business. Our approach is founded on the idea that your customers need to be the ones who will find you as this symbolizes a remarkable brand. For over 11 years, we’ve been a trusted partner to businesses that want to automate their marketing.

How to pollute less by optimizing your website

Bernardo Salazar

If you are interested in making your website contribute to making the web a greener place, this content will be very useful.

And, of course, doing so will make your website functional. While it is true that a
website can be the number 1 seller, it is not enough to just have it and that's it, you have to provide it with what it needs.

So, let's get started

I'm sure you're wondering how your website can contribute. Here comes the answer...

CMS Hub: What can and can't I do for my website?

Bernardo Salazar

Today I will talk to you about what you can and cannot do with HubSpot CMS Hub when creating your website, blog or landing pages.

To get some context, I will mention the definitions briefly. If you want to go deeper, you can read these contents: What is a CMS? and CMS Hub.

A CMS is a content management system of the English Content Manager System. The main function of a CMS is to allow the management and administration of the content of a website; from an interface from which you control the content and images that are shown in your site, to the aspect of the design and other elements.